Our mission is to change the way people think about watches.   Back in the day, owning a watch meant something, it symbolized a certain status and it was the final piece to complete the fashion ensemble.  Pocket watches with their long chains represented a certain social status and wealth attainment.

The art of owning and wearing a watch has slowly fizzled over time.   With the advent of new technologies and changes in fashion (especially new wearable technologies) watches have fallen by the wayside.

We want to change this.  Owning a high quality superbly made watch is an iconic piece that every person should own.  Being able to afford a custom made or brand name watch means something.  It means that you have worked hard, are successful and want it represented in the fashion you wear.

               At Finley’s, we believe that a person should own at least one very high-quality watch.   But more than that, we believe that a person should own a watch for different occasions.  It’s not enough to strap on the Rolex for only weddings or family functions, but that a person should have different watches for each occasion, just like shoes.  Let the watch be an extension of how you feel that day, what activities you have planned.  Wear something that sets you apart from others.

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