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I was searching for a place to sell my aunt's Jewellery for a while now, and when I took my items to Finley's, it felt like a huge relief. They took the time to explain, and I feel very grateful for the way they handled everything.

— Patricia Holtz

These guys are fair, and really know their stuff. I sold a coin collection that was handed down to me. They looked at each coin seperatly, for any rarities and looked up book values for each one. I'm very happy with the offer they made. Thank you Finley's!

— Alex Petrose

My dad gave me a watch 30 years ago, which I've hardly ever worn. I took it to Finley's to see what its worth. They showed me it was selling for over $3000, which was a big surprise to me. I traded up to a diamond necklace for my wife. We're both happy!

— George Thompson


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