Sell Your Diamonds

Our GIA Certified appraisers can evaluate any type of diamond, and offer you the highest prices for all your diamond jewellery and loose diamonds.  

A network of Buyers around the world

Our company sells through the diamond bourses around the world, which gives us a true advantage over your regular pawn shops and gold buyers.  With thousands of competing buyers, we are able to keep our offers to you the highest possible.  

We buy all sizes and shapes

From small melee (1 pointers to 20) that are set in jewellery, to large engagement rings with diamonds as big as they come, we buy every diamond, and price them all according to market rates.  We even buy chipped diamonds, which are then recut to an ideal diamond.  

Get an offer on your diamonds today 

Find out what we can pay for your diamonds, with no obligation, and zero hassle, by appointment at one of our events, at the comfort of your home, or by shipping your items insured and free of charge to our office.