Since 2003, Finley’s Experts have been travelling coast to coast, meeting thousands of people who were eager to find out the value of their heirlooms. Along the way, we’ve had the joy of finding many beautiful artifacts, rare historical objects, and some highly valuable pieces. As our knowledge has grown over the years, so has our network of collectors, always waiting to see our next great finds. Discover the smartest way to appraise and sell your treasures, with a company that cares about making our clients happy and building lasting relationships. 

We know that when the time comes to sell some of your prized items, the most important thing is to know you’re receiving the highest possible amount for them. We accomplish this by utilizing a network of dozens of appraisers, each specializing in their field. We make sure that your items are correctly identified, noting any attributes that will effect the value, and research past sales from a database of hundreds of auction houses around the world. 

 Meeting with us is easy. Simply call our phone number to speak to an evaluator about your items. We will then schedule to meet you at one of our offices, with locations conveniently throughout Ontario.