Items We buy

Looking to sell your unwanted or unused Jewellery, coins, watches, gemstones, or sterling silverware?  We evaluate all items, from antique and vintage jewellery pieces, to modern jewellery that is simply not being worn, or needs expansive repairs. Unlike most “gold buyers”, our offers are based on the style, condition, brand, market demand, gemstones, and precious metal value of your piece. 
For Coins and bank notes, we evaluate and pay based on the current market values,  which would be either the item's rarity, or intrinsic value.  Our experts carefully sort your collection, and will go through the dealer's book pricelist to come up with the highest and fairest offer.  
For Diamonds and other gemstones, our GIA certified appraisers will examine the germs carefully using state of the art, industry leading equipment.  We take into consideration the gemstone itself (carat, colour, clarity, cut), as well as the piece that the item is in (Style, condition, brand, etc).  We work with leading jewellery manufacturers directly, which allow us to give you the highest prices for your gems.
Types of Coins we purchase:
We purchase large estate collections and individual coins in any condition and grade. We organize your collection and price everything based on the most up to date book values. Our method is straightforward and fair and allows individuals to learn about the history of their collection and gain a greater understanding of their value.

Canadian Coins

Canadian Bank Notes

Pre-Confederation Tokens

US Coins

US Bank Notes

World Coins

Gold Coins & Bullion

Silver Coins & Bullion

Mint Products

Jewelry We Purchase:
Everyone has Jewellery they no longer wear. What to do with these items and where to sell them may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Jewellery is a style driven industry. Some styles are classic and stay around for decades, while others fade. As members of the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) and certified appraisers, we’re here to help figure out what your jewellery is really worth and how to sell it for its maximum value.

Fine Estate Jewelery

Designer Brands Jewelry

Gold Jewelry(in any condition)

Sterling Jewlery (in any condition)

Sterling Flatware

Vintage Costume Jewelry

We appraise and purchase high end watches as well as some mid-end pieces. We’re familiar with all major brands, and can purchase wrist watches as well as antique pocket watches. Whether its an old watch that’s been passed down the generations, or a newer one that just doesn’t get worn anymore, we can appraise your watches accurately and provide you with the highest offer.
Here are some of the brands we purchase:



Tag Heuer




Patek Philippe




Raymond Weil


Audemars Piguet



Some of the brands of pocket watches we purchase:









Types of Diamonds we purchase:


Finley's will offer you cash for diamonds at the best possible prices. We’re specialists in buying diamonds and offer you much better prices than if you sell diamonds through Gold Buyers, Pawnbrokers or local Jewelers. We’re diamond experts and are GIA certified.


Loose Diamonds (any size)

Diamond Jewelery

Broken or Chipped Diamond