Great Britain: Queen Anne bronze Specimen Medal 1708 SP66 Red and Brown PCGS


Queen Anne bronze Specimen Medal 1708 SP66 Red and Brown PCGS, Eimer-430; Woolf-21:1; MI.316/141; Senk 232. By J. Croker. 40mm. 23gm. ANNE • D:G:MAG:BRI:FRA:ET:HIB:REG:. Half-length bust of Anne right / CLASSE GALL FVG. In exergue: ""AD • FRETVM • EDENBVRG • XIV • MARTII • MDCCVIII . Britannia protecting Scotia, fleet beyond. On the prevented invasion of Scotland by the French fleet.

After the popular outcry in Scotland against the Act of Union enacted by the Scottish Parliament in 1707, Louis XIV of France convinced that the Scottish populace would support the establishment of a new Jacobite leadership, decided that the time had come to restore the Stuart dynasty. A fleet of five warships and more than twenty frigates (a total of approximately 5000 men) set sail on 6 March 1708 for the Firth of Forth in Scotland. However, they sailed farther north than intended and, accosted by storms and seasickness, morale was low. On 23 March, they were intercepted by the fleet of Admiral Sir George Byng of England and prevented from landing. Meanwhile, they had not rallied the revolutionary support they had been expecting among the Scottish populace, and overall the expedition was a dismal failure.

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