Canada: George V Specimen 25 Cents 1929 SP68 PCGS


George V Specimen 25 Cents 1929 SP68 PCGS, Ottowa mint, KM24a. Like the previous lot, popular opinion and certification records appear to suggest this date as the second most populous for George V behind his 1911 coronation issues. However, when researching the appearance of these pieces, very few turn up. As replete with rarities as the Norweb, Pittman and Belzberg were, they were all missing the silver Specimens from 1929. Consultation of broader auction records leads to a similar absence - after searching general sales from a number of companies over the past decade, we were only able to find one instance of this date selling. It seems, that the although these coins appear in the census, that they are unavailable for collectors. Not only does this present offering bring about an infrequently seen spotlight on the date, but the condition also has to be lauded. Tied for the finest known with one other example at PCGS, the pearly surfaces of this masterful impression remain essentially the same as they were when coined nearly 85 years ago. No marks are apparent on the surfaces and, likely the result of a delicate lacquering at the mint, only tiny freckles of golden tone exist atop the surfaces. A truly premium example of this type and certain to be pursued by a collector with an eye for the finest in numismatics.

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Type: Unknown Type

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