Home visits

We offer our clients a convenient option to have one of our experts visit your home to view your items or collection. Our experts will use their vast array of knowledge to help inform you of the history and value of your items. Depending on the amount and variation of items, or the size of the collection, our representative will then go through a consultative process in helping you achieve your own goals for the items. If you are seeking to sell the items, we will be able to help with either outright purchasing the items ourselves, placing them in a catalogued auction, consigning them or running a content or estate sale. If you have an interest in this or you’re not sure, we recommend that you at least contact us via phone, email or live chat from our website. Speak to one of friendly staff members and they will be able to help direct your inquiry further and see what works for you best.


Many of our clients have items that they are not looking to sell, being a family heirloom or a recent inheritance. But you need some expert advice on what the items are, their history and possible worth. Being a company that has been in the field for a long time, we will help you choose the right appraisers, that are industry wide respected and their appraisals carry real validity to collectors. We would help you contact these appraisers and help throughout the process making things seamless and hassle free for you as possible. We do not provide our own written appraisal services to our clients for will, probate or insurance purposes as this would be a conflict of interest. For a situation such as this, think of us as more of a one stop shop that can help with a whole array of items or collections. This is a free service that we provide for our valued clients.


There are certain situations that arise for our clients, where they have either paid a high amount for an item or are not sure they want to go through an auction for fear of not realizing a certain price. We understand and can appreciate this, so we offer to consign the item or collection and offer to sell it at a price of your choosing. There is a fee that goes along with this option and can be discussed with one of our senior staff members. We would advertise the item or collection on our website and help promote it as a featured item. The item could stay at home with you until sold, all we would need to do is take some pictures of the item to advertise on our site

Estate sales

Many of our clients are in the position where they are looking to downsize, sell their collection, or helping with an estate/inheritance. We provide a full consultative service that can help in these situations. We would have one of our experts come visit the residence and we would then help create and execute a plan that would help sell the items in your best interest and wishes. And considering that we have many avenues to help evaluate and sell the items, we would do it in the right way. Meaning, we would auction or consign more valuable items, decide if an estate or content sale is in your best interest, purchase everything ourselves and help with any removal of items after the sale. We can help. So, if you need some expert advice, contact us via phone, email or live chat through our website and speak to one of our friendly staff members, that can help direct your inquiry further.