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 As a people, our allure with jewellery is ancestral. From prehistoric jewellery made from items such as stones, bones and shells, meant to ward off evil spirits or exude social status. Different types, shapes and forms can be found across all cultures, with many commonalities and unique styles. 

The oldest piece, is dated back 75,000 years to Africa. Different cultures each applied their own unique styles from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, to the Americas.

 As our technology advanced for the ancient world, we were able to manipulate gold, a highly sough after good in jewellery form. Much of our prized possessions in museums come from tombs and items buried with their owner. Some cultures had more of a profession for silver, but the commonality for our love for all things that sparkle can be seen throughout our history.

Along with technology - cultural, social and political change played a role in the design of jewellery. The Renaissance, Romanticism, 18th Century, Indus Valley Civilization, the rise of Buddhism in China, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and many other time periods have shaped our tastes today. 

In the days past only the wealthy could afford intricately designed pieces, but today’s world of high tech automated manufacturing, jewellery is more affordable to the masses, thus increasing its demand and value. 

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